Elegant And Special Replica Gucci Signature Leather Shoulder Bag Pre-Fall 2016

Used with the accompanying sling, it’s a gucci signature leather shoulder bag replica, the 35 cm by 25 cm rectangular bag that’s also big enough for say, your standard iPad and basic working essentials. Take out the sling and it’s a clutch, one that you could use day or night.

It’s a clutch, it’s a messenger, it’s everything you ever wanted, and it’s from Gucci! But seriously, folks, it’s not hard to fall for the new Signature Leather Messenger from the Pre-Fall 2016 Mens collection that’s as functional as it gets.


Here’s the back of the same bag, but as you can see, there’s also a leather handle where you can slip your hand into, and also the D-rings where the sling can be attached too. Available in Gucci’s signature colours like Hibiscus Red and this deep forest green, this unconventional gucci leather shoulder bag replica also comes in standard black, just for those amongst you who prefer something a little more ‘safe’.


And if the ones in the leather here aren’t exactly your cup of tea, there are also seasonal variations now available at Gucci boutiques in Singapore, from a green leather one featuring a gucci replica bag red coral snake to another in the Caleido-print canvas that comes with a webbing strip and a tiny embroidered bee.

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