Discontinued Bag #9: Gucci Chain Horsebit Hobo Bag Guide Trusted Dealers

Discontinued Bag #9: Gucci Chain Horsebit Hobo Bag Guide Trusted Dealers

Maybe not all the new bags fit my own style or are things I like, but it does not so much matter–because of the way in which the brand constantly churns through new variations and thoughts, it feels like there’s something for everybody, but in a manner that does not sacrifice the brand’s specific vision. It requires a crazy number of new thoughts to keep going at this speed, and I hope Gucci can pull it off for some time to come.So now, you tell us which brand is your current crush? You can shop Gucci through the brand’s website.One of our readers’ preferred types of posts to read (and one of my favourite types to write) is our What Fits series, in which we showcase designer bags and, well, what fits inside of these, comfortably and realistically. (I am confident you can always shove more things to a bag if you wish.) I’ve mostly featured smaller bags up to now, because while it is very good to find out what a bigger bag fits, I find the logistics of having a smaller tote and figuring out if it’s usable for my private life to be important. I’m “dimensionally challenged,” because Vlad likes to point out (it is true, however–you should have seen the topper I purchased for our wedding cake…), therefore visualizing a tote and what matches inside is difficult for me and, I’m sure, for lots of you. I have whined about my Gucci Soho Disco more occasions than I could count, and if Alessandro Michele introduced a newer version–along with his touch–I needed to have it. There is a bigger version of this bag, which I will probably wind up getting too, but now I’m sharing what fits within my Gucci GG Marmont Mini Matelassé Camera Bag.


Gucci have many discontinued bag, but they went a bit too far by discontinuing the Chain horsebit hobo bag. Make me as the question: ‘what’s wrong with the horsebit hobo bag that they have to discontinue it?’. As far as I know, this bag should never be thrown out of their collection.

The Gucci Chain Horsebit Hobo comes in different styles. I have seen one with multi-color and nice decoration around it, with color black and deep red. Gorgeous! But the one you see above is the standard Gucci design, which is also stunning. The bag is modern and yet classic. I have no doubt that this is a everyday use bag that matches almost all of your casual clothing style.

The bag is roomy enough to carry all your personal items. With a size of 14.5’’ x 3.5’’ x 10.8’’ there is probably more space left. The bag is made of leather trim, which is very soft and durable. The last price I saw was $760, pre-owned. Note that I only look for prices in consignment stores and not Ebay.

Pictures courtesy of: Polyvore