Dark Brown Gucci Soho

Best quality dark brown gucci soho shoulder bag replica

Remarkably, the gucci soho shoulder bag replica is designed with simple lines, few aesthetic embellishments and a pronounced sense of versatility.One of my newest bags’ obsessions is the Gucci Soho. This is one of the latest additions on the original Gucci website and it features a unique style and an enhanced functionality, representing the perfect city bag. It is the classic example of contemporary bag created to serve both our style and carrying needs.

Dark Brown Gucci Soho

In the meanwhile, I have discovered a thing or two about this model and I have realized that my purchase is a huge fail. Let me explain. Gucci makes this model only in metallic leather, regular leather, metallic python leather and denim. I am the one that did not research the bag correctly and this is why I am going to review it comparing every design detail to the one of the original product. I only knew that I wanted a medium size Gucci Soho replica and started browsing online for a replica store that could supply a nice version at a decent price.When I first decided that I must have this bag, I was blinded by its beauty and did not complete my research work on its design specifications. This is why I have ordered a Gucci Soho made from brown ebony canvas. I can’t actually wear the gucci soho bag replica  because everyone will be able to tell that it is a fake. When I submitted my order for the Gucci Soho replica, I didn’t know that. Now, that I have received the fake purse, I am highly disappointed as such version does not exist. Still, I must admit that this was entirely my fault.

My Gucci Soho replica bag in brown ebony canvas is medium size. Right in the center front part of the knockoff there is the iconic interlocking G letters logo in brown leather, also stitched with brown threads. It is quite spacious and I could fit in many of my work and personal stuff without problems. The logo doesn’t seem to have any visible defects or loose threads, but it is slightly different than the logo we find on the original Gucci Soho. The G letters should be more contracted and narrow, but on the replica these are clearly rounder and more spaced apart. The canvas fabric feels quite authentic and high quality, as it has a firm, but smooth texture without casting that exaggerated shine that we usually see at cheap replicas.

It is a considerably spacious gucci bag replica and it is available in two different sizes: large and medium.The particularity of the Gucci Soho is represented by the embossed interlocking G letters logo and the tassel detail. Also, the handles are available in leather or metallic chains. I like the leather handles best as I find the chain ones slightly uncomfortable and rigid, especially if you need the bag for carrying heavy things. This is why I can’t comprehend how many things you need to carry with you in order to justify buying the larger one. The large size measures 16.5″W x 14.2″H x 8.3″D while the medium one is 13.8″W x 11.4″H x 6.7″D. I find the medium version pretty big so the large one seem huge to me.

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