The new aesthetics replica gucci dionysus blooms limited edition bags

The new aesthetics replica gucci dionysus blooms limited edition bags

Gucci handbags Dionysus Dionysus most distinctive hallmark is the central section of the package front fine egg charming double tiger buckle. This unique design inspired by the details, from the Greek Dionysus story. He turned into the legendary tiger, with young fairy crossing the Tigris. gucci dionysus blooms replica a launch would soon become the most famous brand new design.


Creative director Alessandro Michele Since taking office, the spirit of contemporary philosophy, beyond the conventional, open a new chapter for the brand. Gucci handbags The new Icon –Dionysus handbag named Dionysus, will represent one of the gods in Greek mythology, Dionysus’s own personality into the design, displaying unique new aesthetics.

Global cities have played Dionysian hymn, and is now the launch of nine world-renowned cities, especially handbags, only limited edition in the city. Bacchus Milan handbags limited edition was sold in December, the first to Milan, eight other cities include: Rome, New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Dubai.

Bacchus city limited edition gucci handbags replica high quality  using GG Supreme material, each bag have adopted the custom of decoration, decoration on the limited edition handbags Bacchus Milan butterflies, flowers, and heart-shaped pattern, Dubai paragraph is decorated starfish and dragonfly, London models decorated with snakes, roses and butterflies.

Each replica gucci handbags are lined with leather collage decorative pattern of bees and handbags which representatives of city names. Each handbags collage of different colors are used – Milan is dark orange, rose in Tokyo, New York bright purple, light blue green Rome, Dubai is green, burgundy Hong Kong, Paris white, red Shanghai London blue.

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