Replica Gucci GG Blooms Tote Bag Cruise 2016

Replica Gucci GG Blooms Tote Bag Cruise 2016

If you have seen any of Alessandro Michele creations as far as Cruise 2016 Mens Gucci collection is concerned, it’s a joyous riot of bold colours and quirky details, from Oriental tigers to rainbows to little bees appearing on everything from coats to blazers to shoes. And then there are these, an extension of the replica gucci gg blooms tote collection, but for boys.


Featuring a replica Gucci bags lush geranium floral pattern in different hues of greens and creams on the GG coated-canvas, you could say it’s Michele’s way of including the guys, which besides the tote that comes with an additional shoulder sling, lined interiors and a roomy zip pocket in the middle, will also appear on a range of SLGs and footwear as well.

And speaking of SLGs, here’s the zip pouch that comes with a fake gucci gg blooms tote 2016 sling. The good? It’s so pretty. The bad? It’s a tad slim for my taste but for those who have nothing much to carry around and intend to use it as a luxury bag charm of sorts will find it most alluring.

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